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Counseling Through Transitions With Grace

Do you ever find yourself struggling to take the next step? Trying to figure out how to work through whatever life transition you're facing?

~ thinking about a career change, are you a recent military member or family member transitioning back to civilian life, adjusting to adulthood, stepping away from a toxic relationship, the death of a loved one~

Do you want to discover greater self-awareness so you can figure out what makes you happy, motivated, and encouraged? Do you want to be able to establish healthy habits and boundaries?

Do you feel like your emotions are constantly all over the place? Do you lack the energy to do the things you once did?

Does any of this sound familiar? 

Taking the first step is hard. But sometimes, we need the support of a professional to stay motivated and positive on this journey through life.  We offer comprehensive counseling services to meet you wherever you are. With out holistic approach, we can help you face life's challenges with confidence and navigate significant life events so you can start to thrive and flourish. Let us partner with you on your journey towards complete authenticity and joy.

Live Motivated, Thriving, and Full of Grace.

Yoga Group


 “I think the technical term is “walk-and-talk,” but to me, it was a walk through nature with an amazing friend who reminded me that change happens one step at a time, and I need to be patient and kind with myself through this journey.” ~ Anonymous

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