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Let us join you on your authentic journey to healing and experiencing real joy 

At WovenGrace Wellness, we believe that life is a masterpiece comprised of all the triumphs and challenges- beautifully woven together by grace. GRACE is the golden thread woven through us that creates the luster of our lives. Grace can be represented in our lives by elegance, poise, forgiveness, and blessing. We experience that grace in so many ways, especially when we can give ourselves something that we were never given by others. We believe that committing to wholeness and authenticity is one way to achieve this. We would love the opportunity to partner with you as you embark on your journey towards complete authenticity and joy. 

WovenGrace Wellness was born out of the COVID 19 pandemic and a desire to begin to heal the hurts that were left behind from months of grief and isolation and even before. If you find yourself trying to put life back together again, but lacking the motivation or feeling anxious or depressed, we can help. Together, we can unpack the grief, anxiety, depression, and insecurities brought about by the pandemic utilizing a holistic approach. we will partner with you to get you feeling better. Currently, we are open for business, offering In-person services in Cary, North Carolina and Telehealth services across the state.

Insurance accepted: Aetna and BlueCross BlueShield

Live Motivated, Thriving, and Full of Grace.

Meet Our Team

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