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All of the information provided in the resource tab is compiled in a convenient PDF that you can save and take with you to reference on your journey to living motivated, thriving, and full of grace

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Wellness is a continuous journey towards balance that drives "how we live our lives and the joy, fulfillment, and health we experience." (samhsa)

The dimensions of wellness include emotional, financial, social, spiritual, occupational, physical, intellectual, and environmental. Each dimension offers a distinct area of focus to achieve a healthy lifestyle. However, each area is also connected (to every other dimension) to create a complete balance between the internal - mind, body, soul- and the external - environment, community.

Understanding the dimensions of wellness helps us create awareness of where we are at the moment to reflect on how we got there and plan for where we want to be in the future. Awareness creates the opportunity to engage in this journey, to start taking the best care of ourselves. 

We approach our individual needs within each dimension depending on our personal goals, beliefs, values, culture, personality, preferences, and life experiences. By identifying and recognizing our unique strengths and weaknesses within these dimensions, we'll gain valuable clarity to facilitate change.

Everybody's path will look a little different. Be patient with yourself on this journey towards joy, fulfillment, and health.

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